Multivitamin with Green Tea and Reishi Dog Vitamins

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With biotin and Omega-6 for glossy coat; lutein, vitamin A and vitamin B-2 for eye health; and reishi and green tea for immune system and antioxidant support, i Love Dogs Multivitamin with Green Tea and Reishi contains essential vitamins and minerals to help keep your dog’s energy level high, muscles strong, coat glossy, eyes clear – and tail wagging.

Choose the size appropriate to your dog's weight and administer one chewable, liver-flavored tablet per day. 30 tablets per box.

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  • For the young and young at heart – Safe for dogs at all life stages: puppies, adults and seniors
  • Boost that immune system – Loaded with antioxidants and reishi to help fight off infection
  • Go, dog, go – Vitamins keep your dog active by generating energy, improving circulation and relieving stress
  • Ditch the itch – Helps relieve itchy, scratchy skin and make your dog’s coat shiny
  • Something to smile about – Decaffeinated green tea improves your dog’s dental health, and also helps with weight loss

Learn more about the benefits of multivitamins for dogs.

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Learn more about the ingredients in i Love Dogs Multivitamin with Green Tea and Reishi.

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    My dogs are small older dogs and I have been giving them Pet-Tabs for several years. Pet-tabs are great and the doggies eat them like a treat, but I have heard that Green Tea and Reishi are helpful to digestion, so I thought I would try these. As with other vitamins, I buy the large dog sized pills and break them in half (saves a little money). My dogs will not chew these and are too smart for me to hide them in peanut butter, so I thumb them down their throats (I’m pretty good at this :). After 30 days, the dogs’ coats seem to be softer. Since my doggies can’t tell me if the vitamins make them feel better, I’m going to say that a softer coat is proof to me that these vitamins are doing their job. One star off for not being palatable and 4 stars for Made in the USA and healthful ingredients.

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